Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Check engine light

After owning my Volkswagen, car problems don't really phase me too much. I'm used to making the bi-monthly trip to a mechanic and have gotten to know some of the basic parts of a car and how to recognize when they crap out on me.

But, never have I had a car that silently warns me when something's up. Until now. My poor car is trying to tell me there is something wrong, flicking on the check engine light once every couple of months, and sending me into a fit because I'm tired of being told that the Kia mechanic's machine says there's a major evap leak, but that they can't find it.

My car is still under warranty, and that won't last forever. I want to get this "nonissue" resolved before it costs me $70 to have the Kia service center tell me there's nothing wrong and reset things again and again. I'm frustrated and getting a little cranky. And today I get to do it all over again. Oh joy.

So, how's your check engine light? I've talked to several people about this issue, and I've heard a lot of folks who have similar problems.