Thursday, May 08, 2008

Easy come, easy go

I'm old school. I file my taxes and actually mail in the forms.

So this week, while it seems as though everyone around me is getting their tax "rebates" directly deposited into their bank accounts, I'm still pondering what I'll do with mine.

The impractical side of me says to go for it. Spend it like it's on fire. Put it toward that camera my heart has been aching for. Or use it for a new wardrobe - one that includes at least one full-priced item. Heck, forgo the clearance rack altogether. Or maybe I could buy a new bedding set! Or a sleek new iPhone when they come out next month. Yes, that would rock. Good plan.

But then the logical side of me has to be a big, fat buzzkill and pop into the picture. You know that evil credit card that could be paid off? Yeah, that pretty Banana Republic card I decided to apply for because 20 percent off was such a great deal on the $150 I was spending? That could be gone. Sayonara, bye-bye.

And just like that, poof! The credit card wins.

So, tell me, are you going to have fun with your rebate? I hope so!