Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crank up the banjo music

Saturday: Whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River
Sunday: Riverboat cruise on the Tennessee River

Anyone who knows me could tell you I love the being close to water. And while my weekend wasn't spent at the beach, my time on one river or the other was fantastic.

To celebrate Father's Day, my dad, stepmother, their granddaughter and I went on a dinner cruise on the Southern Belle here in Chattanooga.

Dad's like me — he's most happy when he's watching the world go by on a boat or ship. There's just something about it that we can't seem to get enough of. So the riverboat cruise was the perfect Father's Day gift.

And I had the chance to take some pictures from a different vantage point. So that was a bonus for me. The only problem was the boat was moving, of course, and my little point-and-shoot wasn't thrilled about that. Blurry pictures make me grouchy, but some of them turned out, and I thought I'd share.

Midway through the cruise ... Chattanooga's surrounded by mountains. I really should know which one this is, but I don't.

Chattanooga's riverfront near Ross's Landing. The pointy building in the center is the Tennessee Aquarium.

And finally, we were almost back to the dock here. I really would love to have one of those houseboats. I think I need one, don't you?

So, that was my weekend. And I'm ready to do it all again. Actually, I'm ready to hit the beach now. But I'm thinking that's not going to happen again this year. Hopefully I'll survive!