Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back to reality

In a few hours I will make the climb up the stairs and slip into my desk at work. After five days off, I'm not sure that I'll remember just what to do with all those words I'm expected to edit and the blank computer screen that is supposed to be transformed into news pages with stories and pictures.

There's just something about mini-breaks that makes you wish for a world without work, isn't there? Wouldn't it be awesome if, after every five years of work, you were given one full year off? (Paid, of course!)

I would travel the world. And take a photography class. And go to the spa for a facial. God, I need a facial. I would learn to quilt and maybe even crochet. Oh, and I would host dinner parties for my friends and go dancing again. Dancing! It's been so long.

One full year without work is hard to imagine - and I know it's pretty much a pipe dream. But it does seem lovely, doesn't it?