Saturday, July 19, 2008

The rest of the world

I went out last night. A Friday night. You know, that special day each week when the majority of the working world kicks back because the weekend has begun. Dinner, drinks, conversation and fun are to be had on Friday nights.

I had no idea.

I also had no idea just how busy downtown can be on a weekend night. People pack into bars like sardines. Tables and bar stools are nowhere to be found. And it's impossible to get a drink.

But it's fun, right?

I guess this is yet another sign of me getting old, but I wasn't a fan of nearly getting burned by more than one cigarette. And pushing my way through the crowd to have a look at the bar only to turn right back around and push my way out because there was no room really wasn't much fun, either.

I finally ended up at a sports bar that isn't the best in town, which is why it's generally not busy. But you know, it was good for this girl. I could hear who I was talking with and didn't have to breathe smoke-filled air.

Sometimes I'm happy I work nights and weekends. This is one reason why.

Are you over the whole crazy weekend night thing? (Or are you way cooler than I am? )