Friday, August 22, 2008


It's been my nightly routine over the past few weeks. I get home from work. Pour a glass of wine. Pop in a movie. Relax.

Sometimes I'll watch the same movie twice. That's not like me, but I do it anyway. It's not like I can sleep or anything.

I believe I've watched "Lost in Translation" at least 10 times in the past three weeks or so. I am truly, madly in love with that movie. It's just beautiful.

Then there's my guilty pleasure, "Failure to Launch." You know, the Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker flick? Yeah, that one makes my heart smile. Dorktastic, I know.

I watched "The Family Stone" again a few nights ago. And it made me cry ... again. Why I watch movies that make me cry, I don't know. But they're so good, right?

This whole insomnia thing is both wonderful and terrible. I love coming home late at night from the office and having "me" time. But the mornings come awfully early, and I'm becoming a tad cranky.

Plus, I'm going to run out of movies really soon.