Monday, August 11, 2008

J.C. Penney joins the club

You know the J.C. Penney commercial that remakes snippets from The Breakfast Club? You've seen it, right?

If you haven't, watch it ... I'll wait.

OK, so last night at dinner several friends and I were discussing this particular commercial. I pointed out, rather matter-of-factly, that the kids who were in the commercial weren't even born when "The Breakfast Club" was made. So why in the world would J.C. Penney choose to make a commercial whose deeper meaning could fly right over their target audience's heads?

Then the moment of clarity came, courtesy of Waide. He's a super-smart copywriter for a major online retailer, and so he totally gets marketing.

He looked at me and said plainly, "Their target marketing audience is those kids' parents. They're the ones who get it."

Oh God. Yet another you're-not-as-young-as-you-think-you-are moment.