Monday, September 29, 2008

Attack of the surprise spider

On my way home from a meeting at work this afternoon, I had a bit of a freak-out.

On the freeway.

In rush-hour traffic.

Why, you ask?

Oh, just because a big, FAT spider appeared on my finger!

It went something like this: I'm driving along and I feel something move on my left ring finger. Thinking it was probably a stray hair (I'm always shedding these days), I lightly flicked my hand to shake it free. I felt it move and, thinking I'd nearly dislodged it from my fingers, I flicked it a little harder. Again, I felt it move, but it was still there.

That's when I raised my fingers from the steering wheel and saw it. The guy looked a little something like this:

(Only a LOT meaner and a he was even FURRY!)

That's when the freak-out began.

Frantically flinging my hand all over the place while screaming bloody murder probably looked kind of funny to other drivers around me. I wouldn't know — I was somewhat oblivious of most everything besides the fact that a deadly, venomous spider was latched onto my finger. The thing would not let go!

After about a minute of full-on frantic shaking, the spider went flying — but where, I had no idea. So after a moment of relief, freak-out No. 2 started.

Oh God. A huge spider was on the loose in my car!

I looked everywhere ... on my shoes (which don't fully cover my feet), on the floorboard, on the dashboard, on the console, on the seat next to me, on the window, ON MY LEG!!!

There he was, staring up at me. I jumped, reached for the stack of napkins I keep in my glove box and grabbed the guy without thinking. Not one to squish any kind of bug, I was quite proud of myself for my quick response! Ha.

I balled the napkin up and that was that.

Well, sort of. Now I'm petrified there might be more lurking in my car. Yikes!