Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm back

Between my dad's illness, school, work and life in general, this blog has taken a back seat. But I'm truly going to try to write more often.

Dad is recovering from pneumonia, a blood infection and a host of other issues. He's doing better, thank goodness, because there for a few days it was very touch-and-go. Facing a parent's mortality is something no one is prepared for, and I certainly didn't handle my dad's grave situation very well. I was a big, fat wreck for a good week, and I wish I could plop a million dollars in the laps of everyone who listened to me bawl or was the recipient of snippy comments here and there. They really put up with a lot, and I'm so blessed to have true friends and wonderful co-workers.

Now for the bulleted items, because I'm too lazy to think of good transitions from one subject to the next.

* My beat up, old Motorolla flip phone went kaput on Sunday. Darn. The little guy had been sputtering for about six months, so I knew it was going to happen sometime soon. So, I marched myself to the AT&T store with all intentions to NOT buy an iPhone. Silly me. I couldn't resist its allure, and the fact that most of the other phones looked so cheap and flimsy had something to do with paying far more than I ever thought I would spend on a phone, too. But it's absolutely worth it. I'm in love with my phone. And, yes, I may just marry it.

* The season is nearly over, so I had to get in one last trip down the Ocoee River. . Once again, I got stuck in the back of the raft, which is so annoying, but the trip was fun anyway (as you can see by the gleeful expression on my face ... such a dork.). I want a kayak. Badly.

* School is amazing. I love, love, love it. I really think I kicked butt on my last project, and am really enjoying learning so much about art and design. Going to art museums and galleries now will have a whole new meaning to me, which is very cool.

OK, back to work!