Monday, September 01, 2008

Lately ...

So, I'm back in school. And instead of worrying with college-ruled paper, Bic pens and No. 2 pencils, my supplies list has expanded exponentially.

I'd never even heard of a Bristol pad two weeks ago. But now I'm counting on it to get me through this semester ... along with my brand-new Rapidograph pen that I very carefully filled with India ink. Oh, and my new t-square is a life-saver, along with that cutting mat instructor said we "might consider" purchasing. There's vellum, acrylic paint, scratchboards and even more fancy paper coming my way in the near future. It's really a whole new world for this girl.

The course is Design Principles. Silly me thought it would be a lecture class. Nope. I'm sitting in a room with about 15 other students (who are waaay younger than me) filled with not your standard desks, but instead high-standing drafting tables and swivel stools. It's an art class ... and for a lifelong wannabe artist, it's both heaven and hell.

I want my work to be perfect, but I've figured out that's not going to happen. I'm struggling a bit to understand concepts that seem to be old hat to most of my fellow students, who I'm guessing have taken an art class or two. But the exciting thing is that I'm actually learning something new. And, call me a dork, but I actually like school. So this is a welcome challenge.

That's not to say I'm not stressed. Because, oh my goodness, I am! So, wish me luck and say a little prayer for me on Wednesday — my first project is due!