Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet Lizzie

This poor little thing was trapped in a plastic bucket on my balcony this afternoon.

While I was outside trimming my plants back, I kept hearing something flitting around inside the bucket. I peeked inside to see this grey little lizard woefully staring up at me.

So, I tipped the bucket to its side and waited. ...

... Nothing.

I waited a little longer, and still northing.

Finally, I tipped it so much that she (or he) came sliding out — looking a bit mystified. These things normally run as fast as they can away from me. But this one just stood there, slowly changing from grey to green before moseying away casually.

But not before allowing me to take a few super close-up pictures. I guess she figured it was the least she could do after I'd saved her life. (Or so I'd like to think!)