Tuesday, December 09, 2008


It's been a crazy few months, but I can't even tell you all how wonderful life has become.

Thanks to some major encouragement (read: serious prodding) from my good friend Mike, I finally signed up for an art class, as you all know. What I didn't know was how much creativity I had inside me just waiting to come out.

Over the past three months I've had my hands in several media including ink, pastels, scratchboard and acrylics. I've been introduced to some amazing artists, made some true friends and gained the confidence that I, too, can be all artsy-fartsy.

The encouragement of my classmates has been invaluable. We are our own toughest critics, and having them behind me during each critique was such a great confidence-booster.

Now I'm eagarly anticipating next semester, when I'll be taking illustration! I've heard the professor is tough, but I think I'm ready. In fact, I know I am.

Having a challenge that is helping me unlock all the creativity I've kept buried for so long is so exciting. My dream is to one day put my work on exhibit, but for now I'm focused on soaking up as much as I possibly can from my instructors and peers.

So thanks, Mike, for pressing me until I finally registered for class. As much as I've stressed over every little detail, I've loved every minute of it. Well ... except for all that stupid red tape, but you know.