Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woo hoo!

Every night when I come home from work I hop on my stationary bike and pedal until I'm about to fall over. Well, not really. But I'm pushing myself more than ever. Ten miles a night - at least - as well as using my little 8 lb. weights every other day to tone my arms up a bit.

I'm down 8 lbs. already ... and it's been about three weeks. Yeah, I'm so excited to be losing weight and firming up, but most of all I cannot believe my energy level. I wake up and I'm truly awake. I go to bed and sleep like a baby. And in between waking and sleeping, I'm happier. So. Much. Happier.

I've heard exercise nuts go on and on about how working out will change your life. These people used to make me want to kick them in the shins. But I think they were on to something all along. Pushing myself through the uncomfortable points has been awesome. I'm so motivated to keep pushing myself and to see how far I can take it.

With that said, I'm registering for the bike ride that Jim has done in the past. The 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. I'm going to do the 62-mile route this year. Hopefully next year I'll be in good enough shape to go the full 100 miles.

Wish me luck! I'm going to do this, and I'm so excited!