Monday, February 02, 2009

Today's post brought to you by the letter 'e'

I'm a font freak. I admit it. I have fonts that I loathe ... absolutely despise, shudder at their site and just generally wish would never have been introduced. At the top of that list would probably be Hobo. Ever seen it? It's vile. So vile, in fact, I'll make you google it because it will never show its wretched face on my blog.

A bit extreme? Maybe. But it turns out I'm not alone — not in the least bit. I would totally recommend watching Helvetica, an independent film about, you guessed it: Helvetica, the font.

Why all this talk of fonts? Well, my class this semester is Typography, so I've got typeface on the brain — especially today.

Due tomorrow are six letters. Three in New Century Schoolbook (one of my go-to fonts) and Helvetica (the font [mostly] loved 'round the world). I've got two done, and I must admit I'm over it.

Fontmakers are insane. They have to be. Getting the curves right and ensuring complete symmetry is difficult, and sanity-snatchingly irritating. Add on top of that the fact that it's got to be done in INK, and you've got one nuts-o-rama Stacey on your hands.

I need a strong coffee and a super steady hand. Too bad the two don't mix.