Monday, May 30, 2005

Casket cam?

There are a number of blogs and websites I frequent, and I always enjoy taking a look at other sites people link to.

So tonight I clicked on something over at one of my regular haunts, Zazzafooky. Intrigued by the title, See Me Rot, I had to know if it was was what I thought it might be ...

Oh yeah, it was.

Someone supposedly has rigged a camera inside a casket - with a dead body inside, buried six feet under. Now, the logistics of this are interesting, but I guess it's possible ... The woman apparently was 41 years old and looks much like she's asleep.

So I wonder if it's real? I tend to believe anything a person tells me, which kind of sucks when people figure it out and get their kicks from seeing how far they can take a story, but man ... this website will hold my attention for months to come. As sick as it is, this sort of thing fascinates me ... a lot.

But, death is by far my No. 1 biggest fear. I don't want to die, and I'm petrified of the thought that one day I'll be lying in a casket of my very own. I don't want people seeing me dead and pale. But I have always wondered about just how long you're in one piece. Pretty morbid, I guess, but I can't help but wonder.

Maybe, if this site is legit, I'll see it first-hand. But something tells me this can't be real ... Unless this woman's only been dead a day or so - she's holding up quite well.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dark circles & tired bones

It's very likely that I'm really not awake. I shouldn't be, that's for sure.

I look dead - dark circles are under my eyes, my whole body aches and I can't quit yawning. Unlike the Stacey of 5 years ago, I require sleep - otherwise you're left with a heap of grouchy tiredness that can't think straight. And that's what I'm turning into at this very moment.

Sleep has not been my friend lately - and I have no idea why, really. Well, except for the past couple of nights ... I worked late Friday and had to be back at work bright and early Saturday morning. Then last night after not getting much rest the night before, I went out with Jim for a final hoo-rah at the Stone Lion.

It was crowded - so crowded that it was next to impossible to get a drink. A lot of folks were smart and brought their own beer, but not thinking the entire town would show up for the closing night of Chattanooga's best dive, we arrived empty handed.

The night was filled with crazy conversation, overflowing crowds, a couple fist fights, a frisbee stuck in a tree, an engagement, a couple firecrackers here and there, and several police roll-bys.

I can't classify myself as a regular at the Lion like Jim and his buddies, so I was part of the crowd they shunned last night. Oh well, I was the DD, so at least one of their "regulars" made it home safely.

We stayed until the bitter end - 3 a.m. Jim and I, along with Nathan and Josh (pictured here), and a few hundred others had one last beer at the Lion and said goodbye.

Friday, May 27, 2005

I have a new car!

Well, not really - but it sure seems like a new one.

If you'll recall from this post a while back, I have had quite a few bizarre little issues with my Jetta. All but one of the problems were somewhat minor (side molding falling off, wacko alarm system, cruise control issues, etc.), but my main concern was a lack of air conditioning for the last two and a half years. Yep - it's no fun driving to work at 3:30 in the afternoon in 90-degree heat at the height of summer in the South.

Over the course of the last several months I've invested a lot of money in my little car - from new tires and a new timing belt, down to little things like having the body shop take off and re-apply those pesky side strips.

Only one thing remained ... and it was a doozy. The dreaded air conditioner, which I'd been told required a new compressor (i.e. a HUGE investment).

So I bit the bullet yesterday and headed to Rome to have my dad's friend Danny, who is a mechanic, take a look at the air conditioner. Dad and I brought along some freon, stop leak stuff, dye and a case of Natural Lite (as payment for Danny's time and mechanical know-how).

About 45 minutes later my car's air conditioner was blowing 36-degree air from its vents, and I was nearly crying with excitement. Danny is my new hero. Where else can you get your air conditioner repaired for less than $15? Granted, it didn't need a compressor (thank God), but it did need three cans of freon and a jump start.

Danny also tweaked the fuse to my cruise control, and now that's working, too.

Normally, my drive to work is spent sweating, secretly cursing idiotic drivers who go below the speed limit in the fast lane and being full-on miserable. But this afternoon, in the middle of a monstrous traffic jam I chalked up to Memorial Day weekend traffic, all I could do was smile.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My favorite person

Sorry everyone, you've been outdone by a 6-month-old. Meet Jacob - my favorite person in the world.

Jacob is my friend Angie's little boy, who happens to be the most laid-back child I've ever met. I guess the madness will hit at age 2 or so, but right now he's one cool cat.

Jacob's trying to figure out how to crawl these days. He goes into stealth mode when he has to get somewhere in a hurry, but most of the time he just uses his arms and drags his legs behind. It's quite funny to watch, actually.

So, once again I have nothing to blog about, so this is all I've got. A cute baby picture. I have no shame.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Exciting life of Stacey

Well, I really have absolutely nothing to blog about, but at the risk of losing my 1 or 2 regular readers, I'll fill you in on the past day or so:

Monday: Off
* Woke up late
* Went to Target where I made an inexcusable music purchase which I shall not divulge at this time (or ever).
* Went to the grocery store and only spent $21 - I was very proud. And no, I did not buy one package of Ramon Noodles.
* Cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. It looks fantabulous.
* Made brownies with icing! Mmmmm...
* Didn't watch any TV. None at all!
* Did, however, manage to waste about 3 hours on the computer (I'm terribly ashamed)

Tuesday: Not off
* Woke up late feeling like I'd just emerged from a 10-year coma. Must've slept very hard last night.
* Grilled some chicken on my trusty George Foreman grill (which I could never live without).
* Watched yet another show on VH1 that details the lives of the rich and famous ... felt a bit pathetic looking around my little apartment.
* Learned that if I were a Smurf, my name would be Flopsy Mopsy Smurf. Find out what your Smurf name would be here.
* Wrote an entire blog post about nothing.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Trip attack!

Yep, I'm having a restless couple of days. This happens every so often, and the only way to combat my edginess is to get out of town - if only for one day.

So, I called Jim yesterday in the midst of my "I've got to get out of this place" attack. He agreed that a night away would be a welcomed break from our everyday life, and a date has been set. Only one thing left ... where to go?!?

At first all I wanted was a good day/night of pampering. So immediatly I thought of the Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. At about $200 a night, you get a spectacular room, a gorgeous view of downtown Atlanta and access to some fabulous amenities.

Problem: I simply don't want to let go of that much money for one night - considering I'd want the spa treatments, which aren't included in the price, of course. Then there's drinks and dinner, which will likely add up fast since we're going all-out here.

So, since I am a measly copy editor who really should keep her feet on the ground and her money in her pocket, I'm taking Jim's first suggestion. I think we should go to the mountains, rent a cabin and enjoy a little nature.

Bradley over at Below the Salt Line just returned from what sounds like a killer camping trip in North Carolina. While I don't think Jim and I will be making that long of a trip, Bradley's trek has made me want to get myself back outdoors.

So, we'll see where we end up. No doubt it'll be an adventure, and I can't wait!

Oh, this picture of Jim was taken last fall at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia. If you get the chance, get over there. It's beautiful.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The song that takes you back

Driving in to work this afternoon listening to the radio, I caught "Lyla" - the latest tune by Oasis.

The song reminded me of a time back in the mid-90s when I loved Oasis. I remember driving down to Statesboro for the first time to visit my then-boyfriend, Mark, who went to Georgia Southern University.

It was me, Julie and Lori driving as fast as we could down I-16 with the the CD player blaring Oasis the entire 4 hours it took us to arrive in Statesboro. Our favorite songs, "Don't go away" and "Champagne Supernova" were probably played 25 times on that trip as we belted out the lyrics right along with Noel and Liam.

That trip was memorable mainly because it was the first time I'd really been away from home out on my own without any form of supervision. We were free to do whatever we wanted and we just knew we were too cool.

The weekend was spent at the beach on Tybee Island, exploring Savannah, at my first club where Drivin' n Cryin ' was playing, and with me deciding that Georgia Southern was where I wanted to be for the remainder of my college days.

About six months later I was packing my things to head down South, where I would eventually lose who I thought was the "love of my life," hit bottom, pick myself up off my butt, make some of the best friends in the world, party h-a-r-d, learn about the glories of college football, experience some crazy roommates, meet a few amazing professors and in the midst of studying journalism, I really got to know myself.

Every time I hear Oasis, that's what pops into my head. I don't know what ever happened to Lori - but last I heard she'd gotten married to the guy who always wore overalls she had a huge crush on. And Julie is in Alaska with her husband and three children.

Sometimes I wonder if they can't help but think of our trip when catching an Oasis song. Or maybe it's just my memory

Friday, May 20, 2005

It's raining, it's pouring ...

I love the sound of rain hitting the ground. But for some reason it makes me so VERY sleepy - that good sleepy where you just want to curl up in bed with lots of blankets and just drift off.

There's a problem, though ... Typically, that's exactly what I do when it's raining - even when it's obviously not the time to be curled up in bed enjoying nature's way of saying, "You're getting veeeery, veerrrrrry sleeeeepy."

And that's what happened today. Well, I'll preface this by saying I woke up very sick early this morning and stayed up for several hours waiting to: A) Pass out or B) Die. Luckily neither happened, but I went back to bed just as the thunderstorm began. Oh, and thunder makes me even more sleepy, so there was no hope for me.

At any rate, I have finally pried myself out of bed and here it is 12:50 p.m. - But you see, it's still raining, and I'm doing all I can to resist the urge to wrap up in my blankets and drift back to sleepland.

Maybe I'll go shopping instead ... I do have a relatively empty closet to fill!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

CSI right next door

My neighbor, a smiley man who always wears sharp black suits, drives this van. Look closely, and you'll see a magnet affixed to the back door that says "FORENSIC TRANSPORT."

When he and his wife first moved into our apartment complex a few months ago, the other neighbors and I wondered what exactly this guy did for a living ... did he work for the police department as an investigator? Was he a crime scene clean-up guy, or was the magnet some sort of bizarre joke?

A couple of times I saw him outside with an official looking black T-shirt that read "CORONER" in bold yellow letters. So, I assumed he worked for the coroner's office. But one day I caught a glipse of the back of that same shirt and it read, "We're here for your body." Ha, ha. Very funny. But the mystery continues.

I walk past this van every night when I get home from work late at night. Sometimes it creeps me out - because I'm a wussy that way. I just wonder what kind of forensics that van has transported. *shiver*

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mall kiosk hell

I went to the mall yesterday for the first time in a couple months, and I quicky remembered why I don't enjoy mall shopping anymore.

Kiosks (or, in business lingo: "retail merchandising units") selling everything under the sun are everywhere. Sales people stick bottles of lotion in your face, come at you with weird head massagers, want you to take their battery-operated trucks, airplanes, etc. for a spin, and I actually had a guy selling jewelry take my arm and tell me he had something nice for me. ... Er, no thanks, dude.

I hate having a product forced upon me. I remember a time when the only place you'd be subjected to that was the perfume counter of department stores - where clerks asked to spray a sample on your wrist. But now it's progressed into the open areas of the mall. Suddenly I'm transported back to Mexico or the Philippines or any other tourist destination where people follow you around trying to sell you crap.

And it doesn't help to look the other way because they'll walk right in front of you. I would just like to be able to go to the mall and choose what I want to look at -- i.e. go into a store, not have the store walk right out in front of me. Grrrr.

Monday, May 16, 2005

As if it didn't smell bad enough

Last night as I was guiltily enjoying "Family Plots" on A&E, I had the distinct pleasure of catching the latest commercial for Aspercreme.

Now, I don't buy this product (yet), but after viewing this commercial and getting a good laugh, I do believe when the time comes I will seek out the product. Why, you ask? Because they seem pretty darn sure of themselves.

Their new slogan?

"You bet your sweet Aspercreme!"

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Closet Cleanout Day 2005

I think I should have some T-shirts made - that's just how BIG tomorrow is going to be.

You see, I've got a walk-in closet that's not so accomodating to someone who, say, actually wants to walk into it. Beyond the rows of hanging clothing, shelves where towers of sweaters are delicately balanced, trousers hung below baskets of laundry and purses piled atop blue jeans I haven't fit my butt into in years, there's a whole lotta crap crammed into my own, personal walk-in nightmare.

Shoes and more shoes are strewn all over the place, boxes I still haven't opened from my move 2 years ago rest on the floor with my vacuum cleaner, an old comforter, two suitcases, a pet taxi, some artwork that I'm no longer a fan of (never was, really) and my boxed-up Christmas tree.

I can't take it any longer. I vow to remove a good chunk of the clothes that haven't been worn in over a year. I'll get rid of the shoes I bought but decided against wearing for whatever reason, and I will not let sentiment get the better of me for once in my life.

So it's on. Closet Cleanout Day is in effect in T-minus 12 hours.

I hope to make it out alive ...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th, indeed

Happy bad luck day, ya'll!

Anna the cat was determined kick off my Friday the 13th appropriatly ... every hour, on the hour she woke me up starting at 4 a.m. (just two hours after I went to sleep).

I fully expect to be a zombie for the rest of my day. And guess who's sound asleep?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gimme the dough

What's better than a free month's rent?!? Hmmm ... Let me think ...

At this point in time, the answer is N-O-T-H-I-N-G! (Well, besides maybe a big lottery win, but I'd have to actually play the lottery for that to happen ...)

I signed on for another 12-month lease today, and my landlord offered me June's rent at no cost. I nearly fell out of my seat.

This couldn't have come at a better time considering:

* Jim's birthday is in June, and the boy likes expensive toys ... i.e. camera equipment, video games, etc.
* Allison's wedding is in July, and I still have lots to buy for the big day, a shower and a bachelorette party to plan.
* My dad's birthday is in July, and although he's happy with a golf shirt and a package of athletic socks, I'd like to do more. This could be the year!
* I really, really, really need summer clothes (and new work clothes). I'm so tired of the same old boring outfits.

Hopefully I'll be able to put a dent in this list!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yogurt? ... No thanks

I'm surrounded by yogurtheads - people who eat the stuff every day. Strawberry, vanilla, fruit on the bottom, nuts on top, creamy something-or-other mixed with yummy granola ... There's tons of flavors to choose from, but I gotta ask ... how exactly does a person go about enjoying this stuff?

I'm guessing it's an acquired taste from childhood? Kind of like how I love rice, milk and sugar for breakfast - but when I tell people this they think I'm nuts. Some people don't even like peanut butter and banana sandwiches - which I believe are straight from heaven.

The mere smell of yogurt makes me stomach do a couple of flips. I know it's good for you, but ewww. I just can't bear the stuff.

Yet, I dig frozen yogurt. I suppose I'm just a walking contradiction.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tourists for the day

When the alarm clock beeped at 9:30 yesterday morning I didn't grumble under my breath - and not one expletive popped into my head. I rolled out of bed and hopped into the shower.

Jim and I had the day off together and decided to be tourists in our own city for the day. So, we made plans to visit the Tennessee Aquarium and its new Ocean Journey building, which was very cool.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones with the same idea. Thinking Monday morning would be a great time to avoid the real tourists, our eyes nearly popped out of our heads when we got up to the aquarium entrance. I swear to you - there were at least 300 kids of all ages running buck wild in their matching school T-shirts while weary chapparones just watched as the chaos unfolded.

Unfazed, we got our tickets and proceeded into the building ... But much to our surprise, the madness didn't stop outside - children were coming out of the woodwork - on all levels of the building, feverishly running from one exhibit to the next, oooooing and aaaaaahhhing at all the fish, reptiles and birds.

So, Jim and I crammed into the sea of children and got a kick out of both the gorgeous (and sometimes frightening) creatures. No, not the kids ... the fish!

Hundreds of gallons of water and thousands of fish later, we wound up in the butterfly exhibit of Ocean Journey. I know you really wouldn't expect butterflies at an aquarium, but I was beside myself at how beautiful they were.

All sorts of butterflies from exotic locations fluttered around the greenery, and it was gorgeous. At that point, Jim and I had outrun a large group of children, so we had that area to ourself, which allowed us to take lots of pictures. It was wonderful!

By that time, we were pretty much through the aquarium and decided to head over to the Bluff View Art District to gatch a glipse of the Hunter Museum's new addition. Along the way we walked through the sculpture garden and over the glass bridge, which was kind of unnerving but cool at the same time.

The Hunter looks incredible, but I do have to agree that the modern addition and the Southern architecture of the original building look bizarre together. We didn't get a chance to go in yesterday, so that'll have to be another day of touristy fun.

After that, we walked back to Ross's Landing where we'd parked our car and headed home for a night of cooking out and talking about all we saw that afternoon.

A good day.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Wedding preps gone wild


I never in a million years would have thought shopping could become an actual task. But after 3 long hours of wedding shopping yesterday, I was ready to crawl into bed in the fetal position.

Not that it wasn't an exciting time. But Allison has only 2 months until her July wedding, so time was of the essence - and that made for a stressful shopping venture. However, we handled it well and got the job done!

She ended up selecting a gorgeous gown (not pictured here) after trying on about 6 or 7 at a bridal store which really was too crowded for my liking. Brides-to-be were running rampant and God love 'em, they were annoying as all get out.

And, the clerks! Oh, the clerks! Those women were overloaded and understaffed. We waited and waited for a fitting room and then were left alone for a long time while our sales rep helped a couple of hoochie mamas decide on a way-too-tight dress that looked like it should have been in a gaudy beauty pageant rather than a wedding.

Bridesmaid dresses also were on the agenda and became a bit of a problem when trying to find one that would fit the adults in the wedding party, as well as Allison's 8-year-old daughter. We finally found one that looked good on her daughter and myself - the other bridesmaid lives in Maryland, so let's hope it works out for her!

After the shopping, Allison, her daughter, her mother, father and fiance and I all had dinner. It was really great to be around true friends. I feel like Allison and her family is just an extension of my own family - considering we've known each other now for, goodness ... over 15 years!

Up next is planning the shower and the bachelorette party. Any ideas are welcomed - considering this really is not my forte (although I'm truly loving every minute of it!!!).

Friday, May 06, 2005

Pillow talk

It's Friday show and tell time thanks to Blackbird over at Say La Vee.

This week's challenge? The view from my pillow.

This is the side of bed I wake up on in morning, so here you have the first thing I see when I pop my eyes open.

Everyone else decided to show all angles, but I don't think anyone cares that my ceiling is white with a sprinkler dead-on in the middle (I think of it as the belly button). To the left is a blank wall and a tall lamp. Bor-ing.

At any rate, tonight will be spent at home relaxing in front of the television. I have work early in the morning, then it's off to Atlanta to try on bridesmaid dresses for Allison's wedding. She's also in the midst of looking for her gown, so it should be an exciting day filled with girly moments - Can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Because I'm a nice person ...

I've been put up to this by Cady, so here's the rundown:

What follows is a list of different occupations. I was told to select at least five of them. Of the five I selected, I was instructed to finish each phrase with what I would do as a member of that profession. I've been told to pass this on to three other bloggers, which I will not do because it's cruel ... ahem, Cady ...

Here goes:

* If I could be a scientist… I'd devote my life to eliminating people's allergies - starting with my own, of course.
* If I could be a farmer… I'd have one of those big John Deere tractors with air conditioning, a CD player and leather seats. I've ridden in one (when I was an agriculture reporter in South Georgia - don't laugh), and let me just say, they're as cool as cool gets.
* If I could be a musician… I would be thrilled to pieces. My little world is filled with music, but the ability to sing, play an instrument, etc., escapes me. Very, very tragic.
* If I could be a doctor…
* If I could be a painter…
* If I could be a gardener…
* If I could be a missionary…
* If I could be a chef…
* If I could be an architect…
* If I could be a linguist…
* If I could be a psychologist…
* If I could be a librarian…
* If I could be an athlete…
* If I could be a lawyer…
* If I could be an innkeeper…
* If I could be a professor…
* If I could be a writer…
* If I could be a backup dancer…
* If I could be a llama-rider…
* If I could be a bonnie pirate…
* If I could be a midget stripper…
* If I could be a proctologist…
* If I could be a TV-Chat Show host…
* If I could be an actor…
* If I could be a judge…
* If I could be a Jedi…
* If I could be a mob boss…
* If I could be a backup singer… BACKUP singer? Shoot ... I'd be the LEAD singer. That is, if only I could sing (see above).
* If I could be a CEO…
* If I could be a movie reviewer…
* If I could be a mob boss…
* If I could be a monkeys uncle…
* If I could be a CSI…
* If I could be a computer nerd…
* If I could be a Kindergarten teacher… I would have a ball - that is, until they started fighting, whining, crying, screaming... OK, maybe not so much a good idea. But I do love kids!

And there you have it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What tha?!?

I've got a mystery on my hands, and it's killing me to know what is going on at my apartments.

This morning at 8:30 I woke up to a sound much like a jack hammer. LOUD and continuous. In fact, its still going on, and the clock now reads 1:30 p.m.

The constant grrrrrrrr is coming from this truck, which is from a local pest control company. there are huge tanks of liquid in the bed of the truck attached to big hoses. I'm guessing the noise is from the liquid in the tanks being pumped into the ground. But it's sooo loud!!!

Also, outside in our breezeways they've drilled little holes every foot or so in the concrete up near the walls. Little metel things have been inserted into these holes.

Any ideas on what is happening here? My guess is termite prevention, but I'm really curious. And of course, my rental agency isn't available at the moment ...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And the winner is ...

A month or so ago I decided I wanted to take a real vacation this year - even though my gut tells me I should be saving my money for a home, a new car or something along those lines.

But I need my vacations. I am in desperate need time away from my regular, not-so-interesting life. And I think I’ve finally made my decision on where I want to go this year! Surprisingly I won’t be headed to a tropical locale. I’ve decided I want to get back to Washington, D.C.

It’s been about six years since I last visited D.C., which is waaaay too long.

Every year, our student newspaper at Georgia Southern University would board an Amtrak train and book it to our nation’s capital. Those were fun times, as I’m sure Kelley and all the other wonderful friends I made during my stint as managing editor of The George-Anne would tell you. We met so many interesting people from all over the U.S. at the college media conference. We partied a lot, too. It was a time of hotel bathtubs filled with beer and ice, lots of people getting sick and long-distance crushes that eventually faded as e-mails dwindled in the weeks following the conference.

For that one week every summer, it was a fun time to take in new ideas in journalism and see what other college papers were doing, but what I really took away from those trips was a greater appreciation for our country, its founders, veterans and everything else you could learn from the various museums, monuments and historical sites we had the opportunity to visit.

A lot of changes have taken place since I was there last. I haven’t visited the WWII memorial, and there are still several spots I want to take in that I didn’t get the chance to see over those summers.

So, that’s the plan this year. I don’t know when I’ll go, but it’ll happen. I wish I could bring Kelley, Sarah, Allison, David, LaVene, Nick, Chris and of course Mr. Bill and Bohler along for old time’s sake. But it looks like it’s only me so far.

Anyone up for a trip?

Monday, May 02, 2005

I blame the meds

Last night when I went to bed I was so excited about heading out today to enjoy a gorgeous day downtown.

Instead, I woke up at 9 a.m. this morning feeling really gross. Sinus pressure in my head was killing me, and I couldn't breathe right thanks to the congestion that had settled in over night. So, my sleepy self wandered into the kitchen pantry and popped a Benadryl for relief.

I sat of the sofa and proceeded to get my morning fix of CNN. About 20 minutes later, I felt absolutely lethargic. The Benadryl had kicked in and I decided it would be a good idea to make my way back to bed.


About two hours later I got a phone call and I couldn't string a sentence together for the life of me. I felt like I was in slow motion, and my body had to weigh at least a ton - maybe two. I hung up the phone with every intention of getting out of bed, taking a shower and then getting outside.

Too bad I weighed a ton. I couldn't move. So I stayed in bed. Until 1 p.m. - when the phone rang again. This time, however, I did manage to pry my butt from my bed. Yes, I feel like a lazy fool.

So, now it's nearly 3 p.m., and all I've managed to do today is:

a. Drug myself
b. Shower
c. Eat a Girl Scout cookie

Pitiful, isn't it?!?

My house is messy and I think I may rearrange my bedroom. I'll hit downtown later this week. I suddenly feel like being productive today. Imagine that.

Happy Monday!

I'm off today! Woo hoo!

Hopefully it won't rain ... I think I need to head downtown and check out all the cool things they've been working on that I've blissfully ignored so I could avoid massive amounts of traffic.

But first, I should probably go to bed.